Chiropractic Care in Tarzana

Chiropractic care is categorized as alternative or complementary medicine. It uses evidence and clinical expertise to diagnose issues affecting the musculoskeletal and/or nervous system.

The chiropractor then uses non-surgical, hands-on treatment approaches aimed at reducing pain and improving the functionality of injured parts, as well as patient education to encourage client participation in their own health through exercise, ergonomics, and complementary therapies.

Types of Chiropractic Treatment

Chiropractors use manual therapies that are focused on spinal manipulation and treatment of surrounding structures to manage pain and restore joint mobility:

  • Chiropractic adjustment or spinal manipulation
  • Chiropractic mobilization

How Chiropractic Therapy Works

Chiropractic treatment helps to restore the structural integrity of the spine and minimize pressure on sensitive neurological tissue, which ultimately improves the health of the patient.

This treatment is based on the premise that proper alignment of the musculoskeletal structure, especially the spine, will facilitate the body's ability to heal by itself without the need for medication or surgery.

Studies show that this approach is particularly effective for patients suffering from non-specific lower back pain or leg pain, neck pain, repetitive strains, arthritic pain, sports injuries, car accident injuries, headaches, and lumbar herniated disc for radiculopathy, among others.

It is also safe and effective for the treatment of sudden injuries such as those resulting from lifting heavy loads with poor form or sports.

Customized chiropractic treatment plan

Chiropractic care is patient-centred. After obtaining your detailed health history, doing tests, performing an examination, and developing a working diagnosis, the chiropractor will design a treatment plan that does not involve any medicine or surgery.

Chiropractic care will not only alleviate pain and restore normal joint function, but also prevent the problem from returning, which ultimately improves your overall health and quality of life.