Nutritional Consultations in Tarzana

Nutrition is vital for optimal health. What you consume has a direct effect on your health status, as well as your body’s ability to perform essential functions. The food you consume helps to not only provide the energy needed to carry out your daily activities, but also nourish your brain, body, and organs to optimize their individual functions.

Studies show that 60 to 70 percent of immune cells in the human body are located in the gut. So promoting gut health should reduce the risk of musculoskeletal issues and even promote the recovery of existing ones. If you’re in the process of receiving chiropractic care to maintain your musculoskeletal health or recover from an injury, nutrition planning has to be integrated into your treatment plan to prevent nutritional mishaps that risk reversing the gains you’ve achieved with your chiropractor.

How nutrition affects recovery

Chiropractic care is based on the belief that the body has a natural recuperative ability to achieve and maintain optimal health, provided its nervous system is functioning properly, and it receives the necessary components to maintain health. While chiropractic adjustments work on improving the function of the nervous system, nutrition planning ensures that you have the essential components for optimal health, including adequate nutrition, water, exercise, clean air, and rest.

Personalized nutrition planning

Most people require a non-inflammatory diet that involves the combination of healthy foods with supplementation to achieve an optimal nutrient supply that helps the body with normal function and repair processes. For instance, the recovery of muscle injuries, such as strain, tear, or separation can be enhanced by increasing protein intake to repair and build the muscles.

It’s also important to watch your calorie intake when recovering from musculoskeletal conditions because of the limited activity levels, which can lead to weight gain and increased strain on the recovering spine or joints, hindering the recovery process. A diet that is rich in calcium is also beneficial to people receiving chiropractic care due to some weakness in their bones to help in their bone and muscle recovery process.

Ultimately, your custom nutrition plan will depend on individual factors, including your current health concerns, medical history, family history, symptoms, lifestyle, levels of physical activity, diet, and use of medication and supplements.